Donald Trump is "making" Barbara Streisand gain weight, this was an accusation thrown out by Streisand over the weekend via Twitter. How is he doing this? Just by being the president of the nation apparently makes Streisand gravitate toward pancakes and it sounds like she's eating a lot of them lately if she's gaining weight. When Barbara Streisand sings, she has the voice of an angel, but what she has to say in a new tweet sounds a bit off tune.

Smothered in maple syrup

"Donald Trump is making me gain weight" is the first line of one of Streisand's latest tweets, reports The Hill.

This offers up visions of the President of the United States force-feeding this celebrity singer trying to plump her up. No one can accuse Streisand of being out of touch because it is the trendy thing to do today, blame Trump for all life's short comings.

As "Fox and Friends First" suggests on Monday morning, it seems that Streisand has been gaining weight for some time now, going way back to the days before Donald Trump put his name in the hat for a run at the presidency. Maybe blaming Trump for packing on the pounds is a bit of a stretch?

Plumping up due to Trump?

So what is Streisand's problem? From the sounds of her tweet it is pancakes "smothered in maple syrup." This is her go-to food apparently when Donald Trump's actions get under her skin. For someone who is so dead-against the U.S. president, she appears to spend enough time keeping an eye on him.

Just what kind of liquids?

Streisand said in her tweet that she starts her day with liquids, but then she watches the morning news and she needs more than those liquids. Apparently there is something she sees in the morning news that makes her go for those pancakes.

Streisand did say that she starts her day with "liquids," but she didn't elaborate on what kind of liquids she's drinking.

After her bizarre tweet some might question what type of liquids she reaches for when starting her day.


Whatever liquids they may be, a chaser of pancakes and syrup will act like a sponge for those liquids. Now that we are all in tune with Streisand's daily routine, it might be time to ask what she is still doing in this country. Streisand was one of the many celebrities who vowed to move out of the country if Trump were elected president, but he was elected and she didn't move. She took the easy pancake road to cope instead!

Apparently Streisand opted for pancakes as a coping strategy now that she's decided to stay put at home. Maybe she just needs more time to come to the reality that Donald Trump is the president of this nation.

As the Daily Caller noted, Streisand is still in the nation and now eating pancakes after vowing a move if Trump won..

It seems Saturday morning was an especially bad morning for Streisand after reading Donald Trump's tweet accusing Obama of having his Trump Tower home phones wiretapped during the time he was running for president. She then tweeted how it was "time for more pancakes" after seeing Trump's tweet accusing Obama.

Infatuated with Trump?

For a woman who is so against Donald Trump, she certainly spends enough time during her day devoted to him. She reads his tweets and then copes with pancakes because of what she reads. Apparently if we see that Barbara Streisand is plumping up, she holds no responsibility for the weight gain. It is all because of Donald Trump.

What's next - Pancakes today, bad hair day tomorrow?