Remy Ma isn't holding back in a new diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. The "Love & Hip Hop New York" star used the classic Nas tune "Ether" and turned it into something of her own in the newly titled "Shether" diss aimed at Minaj. Nicki didn't let the new track sit for long like her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill did during his infamous feud with Drake. Instead, Nicki took to Instagram to take a few shots back at Remy.

Remy Ma releases 'Shether' to diss Nicki Minaj

In the background of the new Remy Ma release, a lowered voice can be heard in the background saying "f**k Nicki Minaj" while Remy raps over the popular Nas beat.

"You stole that line about b****hes being your sons/How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run/Talkin’ ‘bout bringing knives to a fight with guns/When the only shot you ever took was in your buns," Remy raps.

In case Nicki Minaj was confused about who the song was aimed at, Remy tried to clear everything up with the cover art that accompanies "Shether." The picture features a nude and bloodied Barbie doll with all of its limbs removed. The doll is wearing pink hair, something Nicki has been known for in the past.

Remy goes even further on Instagram where she posted a link to the song along with the cover art. In the caption of the photo she wrote, "You wanna see a dead body" and tagged Nicki Minaj.

Nicki responds on Instagram, teasing Remy and Fat Joe's flop

Nicki Minaj also took shots at Remy Ma on Instagram, posting a recent sales report for Remy Ma and Fat Joe's latest release "Plato O Plomo." Considering that their breakout hit since Remy has been out of jail and making music again went insane with radio play and even ended up being used by the NFL, it is sort of shocking that their latest release isn't doing as good.

However, Nicki is hating on the one bad release from Remy Ma and maybe should post the sales numbers for "All The Way Up," the song that put Remy Ma and Fat Joe right back on the hip hop map.

It seems like Nicki Minaj has been hating on Remy ever since she hit the ground running after her release from prison. It seems that she isn't willing to share any fame as a female NYC rapper considering that Minaj also famously feuded with Lil Kim too.

Who do you think will be taking the "L" when it comes to the newest hip hop feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma? Sound off in the comments below to let us know who the winner and the loser will be as the two women battle for the top spot as hip hop queen of New York.