Alright, "Walking Dead" peeps. It's time to go over another spoiler session for your favorite show. We have a very brief synopsis from AMC for the upcoming episode 13 of season 7. They didn't give us many storylines to work with ,here. However, what they did mention, sounds like it could really turn into something huge as we learn that some plans are definitely going to go off track when some of those "Kindgdom" folks try to deliver supplies to the Saviors.

It's "Bury Me Here"

They also gave us a title for this installment. They've labeled it: "Bury Me Here," which doesn't sound too promising for whoever utters those words.

We don't know if anyone actually says those words, but if they did, it's game over for them. Anyways, the official description lets us know that some of the people from "The Kingdom" will try and deliver some supplies to the Saviors at some point. It's supposed to be just another routine run.

A new turn

However, they go on to reveal that this trip is not going to play out the way they thought it would. After that, we got nothing else for this storyline, so AMC kept their description very vague as usual. The big questions for this one, is which Kingdom folks are mixed up in this mess? Is the new change in plans, actually a negative one? Or will it turn out to actually be a good thing? My money's on it, turning real bad, given the Saviors' ugly past and present actions.

One thing's for sure, we should definitely get another set of very interesting scenes out of this one.

I'm sure there is going to be a lot more footage than what this vague synopsis revealed. We expect that AMC will drop a new set of spoiler/preview clips for episode 13 after episode 12, wraps up tonight, so be sure to keep an eye for those.

We'll definitely be including them on this site. Typically, we usually get a lot more spoilery details from the preview clips, so they're a pretty big deal. Also, we can confirm that this installment is currently scheduled to arrive, next week, Sunday night, March12th, 2017 in the same 8pm central time slot on AMC. Stay tuned.