Hey, "Vampire Diaries" peeps. Yep, this will unfortunately be our last spoiler preview for your favorite show, because this upcoming episode 16 of season 8 is, indeed, the very last one forever. For this one, CW kept their press release spoilers very short, not wanting to give too much of it away, I suspect. What they did mention, sounds very intense as usual, telling us that another major battle will be going down, and it'll be with the fate of Mystic Falls on the line.

A special before the episode

The producers decided to label this very last installment: "I Was Feeling Epic." Now, according to their official press release, The CW isn't just going to air this episode and be done with it.

Oh, no, no. They are most certainly going to devote a full three hours to send out one of their highest rated shows for the past 8 years, with a bang! The first hour won't actually be the finale episode. Instead, they're going to air a special that's titled: "The Vampire Diaries: Forever Yours," which is going to feature a retrospective of the show's eight-season run.

It's going to show us interviews with various castmembers from both the past and present, along with some guest stars and executive producers: Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. They didn't mention who these guest stars will be , so I guess that'll be a big surprise for us to look forward to. They won't stop there though. They're also going to show us behind-the-scenes footage from this last season 8, coupled with some special moments that have taken place during the show's run.

It might make some of you guys teary-eyed. Be sure to bring your kleenex.

It's 2 hours long

Alright, then after the big special. The big finale episode 16 is going to serve up not one, but a whopping two hours of drama and action to cap things off forever! According to the official description, it's revealed that the entire fate of Mystic Falls is going to be on the line!

This will, of course, prompt some major action from our two main brothers: Damon and Stefan Salvatore. They tell us that these two will be forced to have to put up the greatest fight they ever have to fight against their toughest enemy, and that this will, indeed, be the last battle ever!

How will the brothers defeat this mighty foe?

Will anymore people have to die before they do? These are some big questions for the series ender. It was directed by Julie Plec, and written by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. It was no doubt that they would reunite to end this thing. We can also confirm that this big finale event is set to air next Friday night, March 10th at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.