Patrick Stewart was asked on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday about a tweet he sent on February 10, where he said he had just had the worst sleep, mainly because he was sleeping less than 300 yards from where the U.S. president lays down his weary head. In the tweet, Stewart wondered if there was a connection between the location of his hotel room and the fact that he had just had one of the worst nights of his life.

Patrick Stewart and social media

Stewart went on to say he had resisted using social media for years, but now he says he is pretty much fully involved.

He explained to the hosts of “The View” that it was on his first night in Washington that he experienced the worst sleep he has had for many years.

It was only when he got up the next morning and looked out of the window that he realized what may have caused it. However, he reportedly did stress that the tweet was a relatively innocent one and that he hadn’t set out to directly insult the U.S. President. After Stewart referred to Donald Trump as “your president," co-host Whoopi Goldberg immediately shot back with the words, “He’s not mine,” drawing much applause and laughter from the studio audience.

The tweet in question can be seen here.

Patrick Stewart says Trump isn’t his president either

CNN writes that the “X-Men" star then shot back at Whoopi that Trump isn’t his president, either, but he did say the U.K.

has its own problems, including the controversial Brexit. He then said that he is not currently a U.S. citizen, but possibly the only good outcome of the U.S. presidential election was the fact that he is now applying for citizenship. He says he wants to be American, too, that all his friends in Washington have told him there is only one thing to be done, and that is to fight and oppose.

The "Logan" actor said at the moment, he can’t do it, as he is not currently a citizen. While in the current climate, becoming a U.S. citizen can be a little tricky, his permanent residency will reportedly help, he does pay his U.S. taxes and also, his wife Sunny is apparently an American citizen.

As reported by the BBC, not everyone in the Twittersphere is happy about the news, however, with some saying he is British, asking what has it got to do with him, while another Twitter user plain suggested he should “keep his ass out" of U.S.

politics. Yet another Twitter member wondered if it was too late to add British actors to the ban.