Recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got to chat up the producers of NBC's hot, new drama: "Timeless." As we all know, the premiere season 1, wrapped up this past Monday, February 20th, 2017. However, it was left with no renewal confirmation from the network yet. A report from Deadline, called it a "bubble" show, which means it could return for a new season 2, or it might not return. Right now, it's in total limbo, and it's believed that it will probably stay that way until May 2017.

They're making a pitch in April

In the meantime, EW decided to talk with the producers, Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, about what their season 2 possibilities look like and what they may have in store if they do get a renewal.

Eric told them that they're going to attempt to pitch a new season 2 to NBC in April, and that they're very hopeful it will work out. He went on to reveal that they had strong numbers for DVRs and international markets. They're just going to have to wait and see what happens. Shawn chimed into to say that it's not too late for current fans to get their friends to watch it online, because all those viewer numbers do matter in regards to their fate.

Lucy and Wyatt stuff

Next, they got into possible spoiler teases for a season 2. There's was mention of exploring the mystery of Jiya's seizures ,and also, they're interested in seeing where they can go with Jiya and Rufus' relationship. Shawn talked about working on the Lucy and Wyatt storyline, saying that he thinks a lot of people are interested in that.

He also mentioned that there's a hint for that at the end of the season 1 finale show, saying that Wyatt may be ready to forget about the past and start looking forward to the future.

New weekly villains

They also want to explore the topic of whether or not Connor Mason can be trusted. They would also be introducing new villains to chase around through time on a weekly basis, so that sounds really interesting.

He said there are so many periods in history that they have yet to explore. They have endless possibilities when dealing with the past, and are definitely sure they can come up with a ton of new stories for Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus. So, those are some very positive words from the producers. Lets just hope and keep our fingers crossed that NBC will feel the same way come May. Stay tuned.