Recently, the Rotten Tomatoes news team, chatted with a couple of the stars of NBC's major hit drama: "This Is Us," when they visited the big 2017 PaleyFest event this past Saturday, March 18th, 2017. And they, of course, discussed what their characters will be up to when the show returns for the second season this Fall 2017. For this particular article, we'll be discussing what spoiler scoops they were able to drag out of Milo aka Jack and Justin aka Kevin.

His youth

They tell us that they caught the stars on the red carpet, starting with Milo. The first spoiler tease they mentioned, is that we could see season 2 revisit Jack's youth at some point.

Then he commented on the big Jack and Rebecca split, saying that this one is not what sets up the Miguel "move in" situation. In fact, he went on to say that Miguel is Jack's best friend, and would be just as heartbroken to know that they split up. This topic is interesting, because Miguel does eventually become Rebecca's second husband, but again, this is not the situation that leads to that. He made that perfectly clear.

A different side

Glenn Ficarra, who is one the producers, also had something to say about the Jack situation. He said that in season 2, we could see a new side to Jack, saying that we might see him from a totally different perspective in other characters, moving forward. And that is all they had for Jack's stuff in this interview.

A tough decision

Next, they chatted up, Justin Hartley, who gave the rundown on what Kevin might be up to and the tough decision he'll need to make in regards to this big Ron Howard movie situation. He said that Kevin is going to have a big meeting about it, and will have to decide what to do from there.

Apparently, he's going to have to either choose his career or the woman he loves, Sophie, because he won't be able to feasibly ask Sophie to wait or visit her on the weekends.

He went on to say if they were just a couple, it might work, but they're a couple with a specific history that wouldn't allow this to work out if he were to agree to do the movie.

The Ron Howard scene

Lastly, Justin talked about shooting the scene with Ron Howard, revealing that he actually did shoot it with him. He said, he shot his half of the scene, and then came in on another day and shot the scene with Ron. Alright, so that's all we got for these two from this source, but definitely stay tuned, because more is yet to come.