Season 7 of "The Walking Dead" on AMC has been a treasure to behold, exposing the raw underbelly of shattered networks that all try to compete for the limited and dwindling resources in the zombie apocalypse. This week the 12th episode of season 7, titled "Say Yes," focused mainly on the coupling of Rick and Michonne, shipped together online as "Richonne," and their natural progression as a couple. The episode served as good as any so far as their honeymoon, despite not being officially married. The episode also shed light on the uneasy relationship between Sasha and Rosita, who seem to have formed a secret pact against Negan.

Rick and Michonne enjoy a carnival date night

The takeaway from the carnival is that there are still places untouched by humans since the apocalypse began and the massive stash of food Rick and Michonne find, and the 63 guns they recover, is the biggest sign of hope that we've seen in a long time. We also learned just how helpless Michonne might be without Rick when his death is teased this week. Michonne shuts down, drops her sword, and almost submits to the walkers right before Rick leaps out of hiding to rebound and slay the walkers that surround them. It was a call back to Glenn surviving under the industrial trash can and one of many call backs this week that echoed past moments of the show.

Tara decides to betray the trust of Oceanside

It was finally time this week for Tara's journey to Oceanside to come full circle when she apparently decided to inform Rick about her experience earlier this season with the female group. Knowing that Oceanside are heavily armed, and guns have become a central motivation of the downtrodden Alexandrian residents, Tara finally realizes she needs to take the chance now to expose the group for the survival of everyone in the region who isn't a Savior or part of the Sanctuary under Negan's control.

We'll find out more next week, hopefully, how the conversation went down and what exactly Rick plans to do with the new information.

Rick learns how to negotiate with Jadis

Pollyanna McIntosh, the actress behind Jadis, has quickly become a mysterious fan favorite. When Rick and the group come to present her with the guns she is impressed, but not nearly enough.

Jadis informs Rick that she needs more guns, twice as many, in fact. Rick throws her words and negotiation tactics right back at Jadis, which impresses her. Rick ends up with 20 of the guns, the cat and a promise to deliver more guns in the near future. Rick buys enough time to spend a few more days on the road with Michonne in search of the commodities that will satisfy his obligations to both Jadis and Negan, the two masters that Rick currently serves. This narrow pathway that Rick and his group are currently traveling may eventually lead them to more even ground with the communities around them, including the Kingdom, Oceanside and the Heapsters.