Video Games have changed drastically since they were first introduced many decades ago. What first began as a medium to entertain children using simple graphics and controls has now turned into a mega-industry worth billions of dollars. The most striking part in the evolution of video games has been the story lines used in major titles, a feature that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood. The latest game to receive an adaptation into feature Film form is “Just Cause”, the three-part action adventure game that boasts of a storyline that can put any action film to shame.

Introducing Rico Rodriguez

Just Cause”, the game, is centered on a mercenary for hire – Rico Rodriguez, a gun-toting, grapple-hooking bad-ass who is capable of performing unimaginable stunts. He is hired by various groups of people from time-to-time to help dethrones governments and bring peace across various island nations. Sounds like an awesome action film right? Well that’s what Hollywood seems to believe as well.

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) has been cast to play the lead in the film version of game. It will be directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas), a man who is quite familiar with tackling high-budget action films. The script for the film is being penned by John Collee, the brain behind last year’s “The Legend of Tarzan”.

Standing out from the crowd

One of the reasons why “Just Cause” stands out in the gaming world is the high level of attention to detail paid to its action set-pieces. This could also be the reason the game got picked up by Hollywood for a film adaptation. The action in the game is truly outrageous, and involves being able to grapple your way into any vehicle (including jets), and blowing up military basis at will.

It worked really well within the context of the game, but will it translate into a feature film is the million dollar question.

Hollywood has had a chequered past when it comes to adapting video games, but that hasn’t stopped it from attempting to make films out of popular games. Most recently, the insanely popular “Assassins Creed” series was made into a film, and not even the brilliant Michael Fassbender could prevent the film from falling flat. Let’s just hope that “Just Cause” hits the right notes and buoys itself using everything that the game got right in the first place.