Episode 10 of ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 is titled “By The Light of Dawn” and it will feature Valentine as he begins his project to use the Soul Sword for the elimination of the Downworlders. In the meantime, the Downworlders send away Clary.

Plot and highlights of the last episode

In the last episode, we saw that Clary is more in love than ever with Simon. Until the promise is satisfied, Clary gets suffering, and the only action to help her is to get back Madzie, the daughter of Iris. It all begins when Maia decides to surprise Clary to protect the rest of her kind and gets captured by Luke to save her.

From Rafael to Meliorn, it looks like all want the death of Clary! Luckily she brings back Madzie in time, but then Madzie takes her quickly to Valentine. Jace and Simon get to her, but suddenly Val captures Simon! In the meantime, Alec is working to understand what is going on with Izzy, his sister, but he can not locate her anywhere and Aldertree insists on not recognizing what is up with her. Rafael attempts to persuade him that he really worries about Izzy, but Alec is not having it and hits on him strongly until Magnus arrests him. Unluckily, Izzy did not require his assistance and simply ends up screaming at him.

Episode 10 Season 2 spoilers and preview

The trailer for this episode 10 of "Shadowhunters" of freeform, showed Valentine warning Clary in a call with Simon blocked by a gag.

"If you are not here in an hour, your Simon would sink in a death I would not hope upon anyone," Valentine states. This official teaser for "Shadowhunters" episode 10 also unveiled that Valentine would destroy the NY Institute. His project to kill all Downworlders through the Soul Sword depends hugely on the assistance of his daughter Clary.

In fact, the devasting magic power of the Sword can only be actuated by an angel and if lightning crashes it, all the Downworlders will be killed. At the end, the teaser reveals Valentine making exactly that happen. The episode 10 of "Shadowhunters" season 2 will air on Monday, March 6 at 8.00 pm EST on Freeform.