It’s still a ways off before the remainder of the third season for Fox’s DC-Warner Bros. crime drama series “Gotham” kicks off. Already there’s been quite the gap in the episode pacing for the show, with Season 3’s episode 12 not airing a week after 11 (November 28, 2016), instead being delayed all December to finally air last January 16. Waiting for the narrative of what’s happening with the gambit pileups being pulled by the many factions in the city can be killer. But at last, some news as to what to expect in the season’s remaining eight or so episodes have broken to the public, namely the introduction of a classic Batman nemesis (or at least a different version of him from The CW’s DC shows).

Yes, “Gotham” is getting its own Ra’s Al-Ghul, to be portrayed by – wait for it – someone from “Game of Thrones”.

From prince to secret society mastermind

Word has come out that English-Sudanese actor Alexander Siddig, who played the Prince Doran Martell of Dorne in seasons 5 and 6 of HBO’s big series, has been cast to appear on “Gotham” as the so-called Demon’s Head, leader of the League of Assassins who has extended his lifespan by secret underground springs called Lazarus Pits. As DC television series fans would already know, Ra’s Al-Ghul also figured in “Arrow” on The CW, where he was played by Matthew Nable and ultimately killed by the main character Oliver Queen.

Blurbs on how the long-lived super-villain will be reimagined on Fox’s own corner of DC TV series have come out as well, stating that Ra’s will be introduced during the investigation of young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) into the background of the Court of Owls, who have tried to kill him on several occasions before.

Here the League of Assassins is re-termed the League of Shadows, and that Siddig’s Ra’s will in true “Gotham” fashion already be making Bruce’s life both miserable and deadly long before he grows up to become Batman. It is known that Siddig as Ra’s will be a recurring role, with a possibility of enduring into future seasons.

Veteran TV actor

While the most recent role on television that can be listed for Alexander Siddig is “Game of Thrones”, more longtime couch potatoes will also remember him as Dr. Julian Bashir from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (then credited by his earlier stage name Siddig El Fadil). He also figured in Fox’s “24”, and films “Kingdom of Heaven” (2005) and the “Clash of the Titans” remake (2010). While Siddig’s debut as Ra’s Al-Ghul has not been specified, he will figure into the latter portion of “Gotham” when it resumes April 24 on Fox.