A sex tape featuring actress Mischa Barton is reportedly being shopped around for $500,000. Just weeks after the former "O.C." star was caught on camera acting extremely bizarre at her home in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, a report has hit the web, claiming Barton may soon follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian with a celebrity sex tape.

On March 13, the Daily Mail claimed Barton is seen in the film in a grey hoodie while the unidentified man she is with is wearing nothing more than a black t-shirt. According to the outlet, the actress is seen performing a sex act on the man before having sex "in various positions." Sex tape broker Kevin Blatt spoke to the Daily Mail about the film, which follows Barton's "drug-induced" breakdown weeks ago.

Mischa Barton was caught on camera hanging over her fence

Following a failed attempt at reigniting her career on "Dancing With the Stars," the actress made headlines after a neighbor filmed her hanging over a fence in her yard and labeling her mother a "f**king witch." However, after the tape hit the web, source claimed Barton was hospitalized and later claimed she had been given the date rape drug.

"This is the last thing [Mischa Barton] needs," a source told the Daily Mail. "Her name has been dragged through the mud enough times, she doesn't need a sex scandal right now."

Who will purchase the Mischa Barton sex tape?

While the film has not yet been purchased, Blatt told the Daily Mail that three major porn websites, including YouPorn.com, Porn.com and RedTube.com, were interested in buying the tape.

As for the legal aspect of things, it was not mentioned whether or not Barton was on board with the sale of the film, or if she knew about the tape at all.

After starring on "The O.C." years ago, Mischa Barton has faced numerous issues. In addition to a DUI and drug charges, Barton was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in 2009 after first seeking treatment for a tooth infection. All the while, she has struggled to get her career back on track.