Mischa Barton appears to be acting out dramatic scenes from some sort of horror film in new photos shared by TMZ on Thursday, January 26, but according to the outlet's report, the photos taken of Barton were shot just before she was hospitalized. While they may look movie-esque to some, Barton wasn't acting at all when she was caught screaming oddities while wearing a white dress shirt and tie.

According to the report, the former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant was seen exhibiting what has been labeled as "bizarre behavior" on Thursday morning.

As the report explained, friends and neighbors of the actress became extremely concerned about Barton, who was reportedly witnessed hanging over her backyard fence at her home in West Hollywood, California as she rambled on about her mother being a witch.

Who is Ziggy Stardust?

Sources close to the actress told TMZ that in addition to Barton's claims of her mother allegedly being a witch, the actress said the world was "shattering" and made other comments about Ziggy Stardust, an alter-ego created by David Bowie, which has been described as an omnisexual alien rock star. Following her rant, Barton reportedly fell backwards of the fence and proclaimed, "Oh my God, it's over!

I feel it, and it's angry!"

Was Mischa Barton using drugs before her hospitalization?

TMZ went on to reveal that police deputies and firefighters responded to a call about a "jumper or possible overdose." However, it was not confirmed whether or not Barton had used any drugs prior to her hospitalization. Instead, it was further revealed that Barton was voluntarily transported to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.

As fans will recall, Barton has been linked to mental illness in the past. In fact, just over six years ago, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after an alleged breakdown in 2009. She's also faced legal charges and was once accused of driving while intoxicated.

Mischa Barton's team has been contacted for comment, but thus far, no statement has been made in regard to the actress' condition.