Mischa Barton has been released from the hospital after what appeared to be a mental breakdown. It turns out that Mischa is sharing that is not the case at all, though. People shared the details about what Mischa says happened to her. She is saying that she was out for her 31st birthday when she ended up getting drugged.

What does Mischa reveal happened to her?

The morning after her birthday, Mischa was put into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Now she has been released, and she put out a statement about what went down with her. She says that she was slipped GHB while out with friends drinking.

Mischa explained that the way she was acting kept getting wilder throughout the night and she did notice it happening.

Mischa says that she did go in to get help voluntarily and that the hospital staff told her she was given GHB while on her night out. What she was given is also known as the "date rape drug." Lucky for Mischa Barton nothing like this happened to her, but she did go to the hospital so that she could make sure she was okay.

TMZ shared that the original reports coming out were that Mischa Barton had been taking to the hospital to have a mental evaluation. Sources said that Mischa was hanging over the fence in her backyard and wasn't making any sense at all. She was allegedly talking about how her mom was a witch and also "Ziggy Stardust." A source said she was saying, "Oh my God, it's over!

I feel it, and it's angry." She allegedly only had on a dress shirt and a tie at the time this went down.

The police went out there thinking it was someone who was possibly a jumper or a possible overdose, but that wasn't the case. Mischa did go with the police on her own to get checked out. Back in 2009, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold, but this time things are different since she says she was drugged while out on the town with her friends.

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