Luke Perry has been out of the spotlight for a while. He moved on from his heartthrob days and has booked a role as the dad of the main character in "Riverdale." Many fans loved him as Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills: 90210," and, paired opposite Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh, there wasn't anything they couldn't take on.

He pays tribute to his co-star

While out doing press for his new hit show, "Riverdale," Luke Perry gave some comments on Shannen Doherty and her battle with breast cancer. The two were an on-screen dream come true but behind the scenes, things were rocky at times.

Despite the tense times in the past, Perry has said that he wishes nothing but the best for his former co-star and that she is always in his heart. He did admit that they have not spoken since she got the diagnosis in August of 2015 but believes that when Doherty is ready, she will reach out.

It was a big deal when Shannen Doherty came out about her battle with breast cancer and diagnosis. She shared that her dog had detected the lump in her breast and from there, her journey was shared on social media. When she shaved her head with her mom there, it was one of the more memorable posts throughout the battle. Just last month, Doherty completed treatment. It is unclear where she stands now, but everyone is hoping that she will get a clean bill of health and be cancer free.

ReWind Con words of encouragement

Luke Perry's sentiments about Shannen Doherty aren't shocking. Back in November he attended a convention in the suburbs of Chicago and shared words of encouragement and praise for his former co-star and love interest. When an audience member asked who his favorite couple from "Beverly Hills: 90210" was, he responded with Dylan and Brenda.

This of course was what prompted the panel to talk about Doherty and her battle. His speech made the news that weekend and people have been hanging on to that moment since it happened. Perry is ready and waiting to stand by Doherty's side as an ally against breast cancer.