The biggest complaint from fans of the movies in the X-Men universe is that the timeline is completely screwed up. According to many fans, the fact that the movies don't connect seamlessly makes it hard to enjoy them as a whole. In an interview with Empire Magazine, "Logan" director James Mangold said that it shouldn't matter because filmmakers should just make their own movies without "permission of the other movies."

The disjointed X-Men timelines

The problem with the X-Men movies is that Bryan Singer left after two movies to make "Superman Returns" and when he returned he was not happy with what happened in "X-Men: The Last Stand." In that movie, Brett Ratner took over and implemented the Dark Phoenix storyline into a bigger story of a mutant cure and left fans of both the movies and comics unsatisfied.

He killed off two major characters and did it in a way that seemed wrong considering their place in the world of mutants. "First Class" had yet another director in Matthew Vaughn, who took the movies to the past when the team first started out. However, he made the storyline in the 60s, which made the age difference seem strange considering the original trilogy took place in the 90s. By this time, everything was screwed up.

Trying to fix the X-Men universe timeline

Bryan Singer returned for the next movie, "Days of Future Past," which took place in the 70s. This was the perfect chance to fix things because the story in "Days of Future Past" had Wolverine return in time to stop something from happening to prevent the apocalypse that destroyed not only the world of mutants but the world in general.

That allowed them to "fix" problems in continuity because now nothing that happened in the first three movies existed anymore in this world. However, "Logan" took place in a future after the "Days of Future Past" future, and things were normal except almost all mutants were dead and no new ones had been born in years. It was clear that Wolverine changed the tragic future but a tragic future happened anyway.

As far as James Mangold is concerned, none of that should matter when the next filmmakers make their movie. As he said, just imagine a different world with the X-Men characters and make the best movie possible.