There are a number of X-Men spin-off movies in the works and one of the most interesting is the "New Mutants" movie. This film focuses on young teenage mutants who are learning their powers with the hope of one day becoming full-fledged X-Men. Josh Boone, the director of "The Fault in Our Stars," has taken on the job of bringing these young mutants to the big screen and "Logan" producer Simon Kinberg said that the movie will share a similarity to the very popular Netflix series "Stranger Things."

'New Mutants' in the '80s

The New Mutants began their career in the 80s era of Marvel Comics.

That happens to be exactly where "X-Men: Apocalypse" finished up the current story arc at as well. While Kinberg did not say that the movie will take place in the '80s, he did say that the '80s era will play a large role in how the movie feels.

The influence of 'Stranger Things'

The two biggest influences of "Stranger Things" were Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and there were many pop culture references to geek culture in the '80s. This included everything from movie posters to references to music. It made the show great fun and won it numerous awards at the end of the year. According to Kinberg, one of the big influences for "New Mutants" is Stephen King -- which was a major influence for "Stranger Things." When asked about the two properties, Kinberg said that "New Mutants" was not influenced by the Netflix series but the two share many of the same influences with each other.

'New Mutants' and teen angst

Since these characters are all teenagers and the director is best known for a young adult movie about teens, it is clear that FOX has a specific idea for how this movie will play out. According to Kinberg, the model that they want to create this movie from is the classic John Hughes movies like "The Breakfast Club."

With that said, it sounds like "New Mutants" will have influences from the '80s but slightly different ones than "Stranger Things." While both will share Stephen King influences, expect a more teen-based movie and a less horror-based one.