It looks like the anticipation is high for "Logan," the final movie in the X-Men universe that will see Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. Despite the movie holding an R-rating, this last Wolverine Movie received great reviews from critics at an advanced screening and the film is actually selling more tickets ahead of time than any previous X-Men movie other than "Deadpool."

Early positive buzz for 'Logan'

The early word is that "Logan" is everything that comic book fans could have wanted from a Wolverine movie. The movie is 92-percent fresh on the site Rotten Tomatoes, which means only eight percent of the critics gave it a below average rating in their review.

For those who don't know, the movie is based on "Old Man Logan," a comic book story that takes place in a future where mutants are all dead and Wolverine is forced out of seclusion to fight once again. The difference is that this Wolverine movie also adds the character of X-23, which is a young mutant that plays a big role in the current Marvel Universe thanks to her connections to Logan.

Excitement of seeing Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine movie

The big selling point for long-time X-Men movie fans is that this is the last time that Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine in an X-Men movie. While he has kept the door open, saying he would return in a movie if Wolverine joined The Avengers, that will probably never happen, so this is the final hurrah for Jackman.

Not only that, but Patrick Stewart said that "Logan" is his final time to play Charles Xavier as well, another popular X-Men actor leaving the franchise.

The past X-Men movies and their success

"Logan" is tracking very well for an X-Men movie. It is set to reach about $65 million in its opening weekend, while "X-Men: Origins" made $85 million and "The Wolverine" made $53.

However, "Logan" is Rated-R, which eliminates part of the audience. Fandango claims that advanced ticket sales are higher than any other X-Men movie other than "Deadpool," which means that "Logan" could beat expectations. It is also probably going to make around $170 million globally, making this final Wolverine movie a huge success.