It is apparent to the public that Kylie Jenner has decided to bring her popularity and fame up to the next level. The young celebrity has recently astonished social media users by posting the latest fashion ‘trend’ of hers. On March 2nd, she uploaded a picture of herself posing with her back towards the camera, looking over her shoulder, and with her pants pulled down to show a sizable part of her buttocks.

Kylie has announced the image will be available on a new T-shirt that will be available for a limited time on her website. Perhaps Kylie Jenner has a misunderstanding of expanding popularity, and perhaps she is well aware of the correct meaning, but the fact that cannot be denied is the firestorm of comments on social media regarding the image.

The fans don’t seem to welcome the act

It seems logical to predict that not one hundred percent of Kylie’s followers are going to be happy about seeing half-exposed buttocks on people’s chests. As a matter of fact, the majority of the young lady’s fans, have not applauded or approved of the image. Ever since she uploaded the photo on her Instagram page, she and the photo have been addressed with fierce criticism and negative comments. Some fans declared the full irrelevance of such a photo with fashion and elegance. Of course, that does not exclude the presence of comments of the other type, including flirting, and ‘sexy,’ along with some lewd expressions.

Is Kylie Jenner competing with sister Kim?

It is known that Kylie is not the first celebrity to come out with such an image, as her sister, Kim Kardashian posed for a rather similar pose that reportedly ‘broke the internet.’ The similarity between the two pictures of the ladies is considerably high. This brings up the question of whether Kylie Jenner is trying to usurp Kardashian’s position as the 'Belfie' queen.

It has been estimated, on the other hand, that Kim Kardashian’s picture, which appeared on a magazine cover, actually impressed Kylie to the point where she wanted to imitate her big sister.

Not her first controversial photo

It is noteworthy, however, that Kylie has previously shared a controversial picture of herself, in which she appeared with nothing on her upper body except for her bra, which in turn was prominently exposing her cleavage.

That picture has already been printed on T-shirts for sale on her website, and most probably purchased by a large number of fans. So what is Kylie indeed intending to do? Is she simply pursuing her impressions and instincts? Or it is something beyond that and more serious? Perhaps the future will answers these questions and fulfill the audience's’ curiosity. However, they do not seem to be likely to accept Kylie Jenner taking over a position they they believe rightfully belongs to her sister.