As a high fashion model, Kendall Jenner has developed a style that's all her own. The reality star turned style icon has become famous for baring her breasts, wearing nipple piercings, and rocking a tomboy look off the runway. While Kylie Jenner is a little more glammed up, here older sister is a little more dressed down. She would rather a sheer top with a pair of boyfriend jeans and Converse sneakers. However, that doesn't mean that she doesn't look to her famous sisters for some style inspiration. She has since opened up about Kim and Khloe Kardashian, along with her famous little sister.

Kardashians' stylist opens up about Jenner sisters' friendly feud

Kendall and Kylie Jenner share the same stylist. Or, at least that's what Kendall Jenner thought. The Kardashians' hairdresser Jonathan Colombini opened up to the Daily Mail about each sister's signature look. He revealed how Kylie loves to match her tracksuits while Kendall has to stand out from the other models on the runway. He also joked about the sisters having an ongoing feud with one another.

He started styling the 19-year-old Jenner sister after they met on a photo shoot. They got along right from the start. Then, he met Kylie's older sister, who he now travels with across the globe. He joked that Kendall Jenner was the one who stole him away from her younger sister.

He works with her more than Kylie, so it can cause a bit of friction between the sisters. He also mentioned that the sisters are more down-to-earth than they appear on their social media accounts.

Kendall and Kylie literally steal Kim and Khloe's style

The sisters work so well together that they debuted their new Drop One Kendall and Kylie Line.

The photo shoot was so racy that it showed them choosing to go without a bra in some of the shots. More sexy photos from their new line are expected to surface within the next week. Kylie admitted on social media that she stole a pair of leopard print boots from Khloe Kardashian. Kendall Jenner took it one step further by telling her Twitter followers that she tried on some of her older sister's iconic looks, which she feels she looks best in.

She also opened up about her relationship with Kim Kardashian-West on her blog. Kendall Jenner admitted that she would love to steal her big sister's life, especially her clothes and shoes. The first thing she would steal from Kim's collection is her Hermes Birkin bag. She also looks up to her older sister when it comes to getting business advice. The last thing she would take from Kim is her holiday decorations since she goes all-out every Christmas.