Hey, "This Is Us" peeps. We've got a brand new , sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for you guys for the upcoming, huge finale episode 18 of season 1, and it looks quite interesting and possibly very dangerous for Jack as he's seen, drinking and driving in one of the scenes. And I'm not just talking about one beer either. It shows that he's downed like four or five cans worth. Not good at all! We also see a bunch of flashbacks that show all of the good times that Jack and Rebecca have had, and more.

On his way

In the new clip, they start of showing footage of Jack driving.

This is most likely the scene that is mentioned in the official press release that describes him as heading to Cleveland in an attempt to fix things with Rebecca, who is currently trying to pull herself together so she can perform her very first, huge gig with her band. Then they show some flashback scenes of Jack, saying "I Do" to Rebecca, and explaining that it also means "I Will." Isn't that so deep?

Happy flashbacks

Anyways, they continue on, showing more flashbacks that features these two love birds, looking as happy as they want to be. We got a scene of them, playing around in the bathroom. They're seen, greeting the crowd at their big day. There's a scene that shows him, telling her, He likes her pregnant.

We have him, whipping out the camcorder to film her, sporting her large belly bump. In the back ground, there's very loving words about them loving each other more and more everyday. After all that good stuff, there's some talk about his drinking problem, along with a lot of empty beer cans and what not. He says, he can't stop drinking, and that he won't.

Lots of beer for him

The clip caps of, showing footage of Jack, drinking and driving. We all know those two activities don't go well together at all, so that could result in a very big problem. Also, there might be an aftershow or something for it on the NBC app, so you might want to pull that out after next week's finale airs. Speaking of that, it's still scheduled to show up on Tuesday night, March 14th,2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.