Kailyn Lowry is about to drop a bombshell on Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2." In the sneak peek provided by the Hollywood Gossip, fans can see a conversation happen between Lowry and ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera. When he asks her how things with Javi Marroquin are going, her response is shocking.

Javi Marroquin sneaks into Kailyn's home

It was revealed that Javi Marroquin snuck into Kailyn Lowry's home via the basement. At that point, her son Isaac told him he was not allowed to be there. How Lowry found out is still unclear as it wasn't shown in the clip.

The conversation with Jo Rivera was brutally honest and he mentioned he was uncomfortable with how things were going down. If Marroquin was just going to show up whenever, what else would he be capable of? Rivera was not happy with the news and admitted it made him uneasy.

It was recently revealed that Kailyn Lowry had to get an order of protection from abuse in court against Javi Marroquin. He alleged that she did this because she thought he was harassing her via text. It appears there was more to the story that he didn't want to admit. The clip from "Teen Mom 2" alludes to the fact that Marroquin may have not wanted to let things go with Lowry and had hoped the two could work things out. As of now, they have been divorced for a few months and she is now pregnant with another man's baby.

How will this affect Lincoln?

The two share a son together. Lincoln will still be exchanged between the formerly married couple. His care and talk about him are allowed, even though the order is in place for one year. Kailyn and Javi can discuss anything that pertains to Lincoln without any issues. The moment it goes beyond that is when things will begin to get complicated.

While Javi did not admit to abuse by signing the order, it doesn't make the allegations untrue. He just opted to forgo the investigation and simply gave her what she wanted.

It looks like things will remain complicated between the former spouses, which in turn may cause issues for their children. Kailyn Lowry has moved on and now, it is time for Javi Marroquin to do the same.