Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for a few months now. Fans had a chance to watch it two weeks after the couple took their vows and now, TLC is turning the wedding into a special for the network. There will be a second chance to see Jinger and Jeremy get married, and bonus footage has been added which fans have never seen before.

Jeremy spills on what tradition they didn't do

Things in the Duggar life are usually traditionally conservative. There have been a few things the girls have done that might have raised eyebrows but for the most part, they are on the straight and narrow.

Ahead of tonight's episode of "Counting On," Jeremy Vuolo spills the beans on how the couple didn't do the traditional "get wedding cake all over the bride" event. He reveals that upon seeing Jinger standing there and her directions with the cake cutting, he decided not to get cake on her dress.

Some people may think his little confession is silly, but the innocence of Jinger Duggar is really reflected in this and her revelation that she drank out of the "Mr. & Mrs." coffee cups before they were actually married. Jeremy Vuolo had some rebellious days behind him but the path he is on now has been suitable for Jinger Duggar or her father, Jim Bob Duggar, who wouldn't have given his approval.

Happily ever after.... with baby?

Rumors that Jinger Duggar may be pregnant have been circulating since she married Jeremy Vuolo. "Counting On" fans are wondering whether or not an announcement will be accompanying the wedding special, especially since the network has made it a two-hour special. There has been no teaser released so if an announcement isn't made tonight, they may wait until the end of the season.

Tonight is going to be special for Jinger Duggar fans, especially the ones who may have missed it the first time around will get to finally see it. "Counting On" is rumored to have lost some viewers this season with the focus on Jinger, but others are loving the focus on the quiet, shy sister.