The Duggar boys usually live in the shadow of their older sisters. Joseph and Josiah have both been involved with girls and now, one is courting and the other ended his first courtship almost two years ago. It is rare to hear the Duggar boys speak in an interview, but these two did just that for the TLC network.

Fans are interested in what the Duggar boys do all day. They have seen that the women stay home to care for the kids and clean the house, but Joseph and Josiah actually get out more. In fact, the two talked about how they flip cars and help with the family business.

Interestingly enough, Josh Duggar recently opened a second location to start selling the cars in more than one place. It appears the boys enjoy what they are doing, and making money while doing it.

What happens in the Duggar boys room?

Joseph and Josiah talked about what fans don't get to see in the boys' room in the Duggar compound. Both joked about the amount of alarms it takes to get the boys moving in the morning because they all sleep so soundly. This room is rather crowded being that Josh Duggar is the only male child who has moved out of the compound. The Duggar girls' room is across the house and has become less crowded as the girls marry off and move to be with their husbands. The boys also mentioned that they all learned to sleep through everything because different people coming in and out all night was typical with different work schedules for the older boys.

Josiah Duggar courted Marjorie Jackson for a few months in 2015. The announcement came before Josh Duggar's scandals and they ended things after only a few months. Rumors circulated that her parents forced her to pull back and not get mixed up in what was happening. She will be coming out with a book and it is said that she discusses what happened with Duggar and why they split.

Joseph Duggar is courting

It was announced a few weeks ago that Joseph Duggar is courting Kendra Caldwell. The two seem happy with one another, and fans are expecting this one to lead to marriage. Caldwell was shown on a “Counting On” episode for Jinger Duggar's wedding. She helped Austin Forsyth with the flower wall. The two will be featured on the upcoming season of “Counting On” and once Joy-Anna Duggar is married, fans expect Joseph to propose.