Boston Rob Mariano is a fan favorite on the show "Survivor" and a new season is starting tonight, but Rob won't be part of it. Everyone has noticed that Boston Rob hasn't been invited back in a long time, so now Jeff Probst is speaking out and sharing why they haven't asked him to do the show. People shared the news about what Jeff had to say about Boston Rob Mariano.

Boston Rob has moved on

"Survivor: Game Changers" brings back twenty people who have been on the show before. Boston Rob isn't part of the cast. Rob is now married to Amber Brkich, who he met on the show.

They have four children together and seem to be doing great. Rob has done the show four times now. Everyone is wondering if he could do it again, but Jeff says that this isn't likely. Rob is a very busy man with his wife and children at home.

Jeff Probst shared his thoughts saying, "He was not asked. Mostly because I’m pretty sure I know the answer — he wouldn’t want to do it. I think there are certain people, like [Survivor: Caramoan winner John Cochran] doesn’t want to play again. And especially once you won, it’s very tough." It would be really hard to win the game of "Survivor" and then to come back and lose again, but there are a few winners on this season as well.

Jeff went on to share that when they called Sandra she missed the call, but when she responded to them, she said: "Whatever it is, the answer is yes." She has won the game twice, and Sandra thinks that she can do it a third time.

It will be really interesting to see if she can pull it off. Regardless, Sandra Diaz-Twine is going to join this season and at least try to win it all once again. There are nineteen other players that want to try and keep her from winning it once again, though.

Are you surprised to hear that they haven't invited Boston Rob back again for another season of "Survivor"? Do you think that Rob would do it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Survivor: Game Changers" when it starts airing tonight on CBS.