Former "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Erica Dixon was arrested onThursday after police say she fled a police stop. Erica reportedly was stopped for speeding and after receiving her ticket, ended up getting arrested as well. The whole thing was caught on video and now the former "LHHATL" star is getting more attention from the media than she has in years.

Erica Dixon grabbed her speeding ticket and left

It all started when Erica Dixon was pulled over for speeding. The former reality star was cited for speeding and after she accepted her speeding ticket, Dixon jumped back in her car and sped off.

The police who had just pulled her over also jumped in their cars and chased Erica down because it turns out, they weren't done with her yet.

Understandably, after getting pulled over a second time after thinking she was done dealing with the police, Erica Dixon was fuming mad. She probably said more than a few things that the officers weren't pleased about and Erica ended up getting herself arrested on top of that speeding ticket. Dixon was arrested for disorderly conduct and was carted off to jail. She was then cited and released from jail so she's out now. It's unclear if Erica will have more court dates to deal with as a result of the arrest and additional citation.

Police dragged Erica from her car and took her to jail

So far, Erica Dixon hasn't made a comment about her traffic stop or arrest on social media or through her rep. Her ex-fiance and the father of her daughter Emani didn't speak about the arrest specifically. However, after Erica's arrest, Lil Scrappy did hop on Instagram to talk about going to jail.

The current "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star posted a video to Instagram of the DeKalb County Jail as he drove by. You can hear his voice in the background as he calls out the building and says that he "ain't going back there no more."

It's unclear if it was Lil Scrappy that picked Erica Dixon up from jail or if he just happened to be passing by and pulled out his camera to make a video.

Either way, it's pretty certain that we haven't heard the last about Erica Dixon's arrest because she clearly was angry about the way everything happened. There is a silver lining in all of this. Erica Dixon's mugshot looks great.