According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, one in 10 households will undergo a kitchen remodel in 2017. During an exclusive Feb. 23 interview with Blasting News, former "Design on a Dime" star and HGTV personality Kelly Edwards offered up tips to help consumers navigate the oft-tricky --and overwhelming-- task of taking a kitchen from blah to beautiful.

Why are so many of us undergoing kitchen remodels?

Edwards: You know what, everybody gathers in the kitchen. It is the hub of the house. This is the place where recently, even in the last 10 years, instead of focusing on the living room, everyone's focusing on the kitchen...

[So it's] not just because of the great resale value or anything like that, it's really because food is... a cornerstone now for getting families together and entertaining.

What's the most important factor to consider when contemplating a kitchen remodel?

Edwards: I tell everybody if you're going to focus on the kitchen, focus on the cabinets. Obviously they are the largest and most striking feature of your kitchen. Last year, in terms of trends, gray was really popular and that has kind of segwayed over to 2017.

The unexpected?

Edwards: Construction can be very, very, very finicky. It's funny, because people have a budget for what they think they want to spend, but they don't realize that with construction, you have to pad that just a little bit....

I have a lot of clients that say 'well, that is it going to cost for me to do this?' Well, it may cost you $25,000, but you have to add an extra $1,000 for incidental little things that may come up. Once you take out those cabinets, there's unforeseen things behind the walls that were maybe there since the day that house was born that you had no idea were there.

Edwards picks her favorites

Edwards: This is what I tell every designer: first decide if you're a DIYer or you're not a DIYer. I think the touchless faucet that you can do yourself [is an] absolute must. I think changing out your hardware [is an] absolute must. I think hiding your storage... is a must have. Or even a pull out drawer...

that the kids can use to wash their hands at the sink is a must have. Things for pets, things for kids, things that are convenient. If you don't know how to design your kitchen, go to a Home Depot, find a kitchen expert, and have them help you.

Most notable 'Design on a Dime' memory

Edwards: Well, I have to tell you about shooting the show. It was $1,000 to do each episode and you'd better believe that we only spent $1,000. People don't believe it. We all did our own work, so I use a chop saw, I use a table saw, I use a tile saw. I actually did all my own work. Working behind the scenes with the guys --Ali [Azhar] and Frank [Fontana] and Brice [Cooper]-- I mean, it was like a dream come true.

I think it was having to be so creative and having to constantly come up with new ideas that nobody had come up with.... "Design on a Dime" was the best three years of my life.

For more information on kitchen remodels, visit your local Home Depot. Click above to view Kelly Edwards' full, unedited interview with Blasting News, which includes her personal brand and style recommendations.