“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry recently dropped a baby bombshell when she confirmed rumors that she was pregnant with her third child. She, however, has made it clear she isn’t too comfortable with sharing all the details of her pregnancy. While it is possible she just doesn’t want “Teen Mom 2” fans to know who the father of the child is, she does have a history of having a miscarriage. So, it is also possible Lowry just wants to focus on the health of her unborn baby.

Jo Rivera is supportive

Naturally, this hasn’t stopped fans of the MTV series from wondering how the fathers of her first two children feel about Kailyn Lowry being pregnant with baby number three.

Lowry told US Weekly that she and Jo Rivera were able to talk about the pregnancy in a calm and mature manner. She said, ultimately, the father of her oldest son was happy for her. Kailyn admitted Rivera offered her an incredible support system as she progressed with the pregnancy.

What about Javi?

Most “Teen Mom 2” fans really aren’t surprised to learn things between her ex-husband when it comes to the pregnancy aren’t going as smooth as they were with Jo Rivera. Kailyn claims she never had an opportunity to sit down and talk to Javi Marroquin about the pregnancy before word of her pregnancy started to spread via media outlets. Lowry believes the reason she and Javi never got to talk about the pregnancy was because they struggle to communicate with each other.

Javi, unfortunately, isn’t the only person Kailyn is struggling to get along with. Javi’s friend Peach – who was once friends with Lowry – recently took to Twitter to slam the “Teen Mom 2” star. Peach targeted Lowry’s plastic surgery on Twitter claiming her new butt looked “unnatural” and “fat.” Instead of feuding with Peach, Kailyn shared old messages between her and Peach – from when they were friends.

Then, she simply asked Peach who was the real bad guy. Kailyn for hurting Javi or Peach for ending her relationship with Kailyn over something that didn’t concern her?

Unfortunately, “Teen Mom 2” fans still have no idea who the father of Kailyn’s baby is. Chances, however, are pretty good the baby doesn’t belong to Jo or Javi. Who do you think is the father of Kailyn’s third child?