With most celebrities, you are not going to have any trouble finding and following them on social media. In fact, it is not uncommon for a celebrity in Hollywood to have several million followers on various social media platforms. “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart, however, isn’t a celebrity on that list.

Kristen Stewart told V Magazine that having a conversation via text message – or on social media – was like speaking a new language. She has no issue with talking to someone over the phone because it is easy to decipher what a person is saying. She, however, does not feel the same way about social media or text messages for that matter.

The “Twilight” actress believes talking on digital platforms – as opposed to in person or over the phone – leaves what you’ve said open to a lot of interpretation.

She’s been a target of tabloids

The “Twilight” star's opposition to social media shouldn’t come as that much of a shock as the actress has been the target of tabloids for bogus stories on several different occasions. Gossip Cop revealed the actress had recently been targeted for having putrid body odor. Gossip Cop went on to slam the tabloid for releasing such a slanderous story about the actress. The media outlet went on to claim they had a source close to Kristen Stewart who confirmed the story was “ridiculous” and untrue.

The story claiming Stewart had an issue with body odor wasn’t actually the first-time Kristen had been targeted by tabloids.

The actress had also been targeted by a tabloid claiming that she was rude to staff at a restaurant. The tabloid claimed Kristen was trying to show off to her girlfriend at the time. This story, like the body odor story, was also debunked as a false report.

She’s a pretty private person

As fans of the “Twilight” star know, Stewart is a fairly private person.

While her relationship with Robert Pattinson wasn’t too private given they were co-stars in the extremely popular “Twilight Saga,” Kristen isn’t a celebrity who likes to be open about her relationships. Considering how much she likes her privacy, it isn’t really that surprising that Kristen Stewart steers clear of social media.