In 1987 "Dirty Dancing", a low-budget romantic drama dance movie from Great American Films Limited Partnership – see? – became an unexpected blockbuster and cult hit. It was thanks of course to its stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and of course the awesome dance soundtrack, that had memorable tunes like the signature song “Time of My Life”. It spawned a stage musical, a (not-so-famous) sequel in 2009, and what initially seemed like an abortive reboot that went from big screen to TV movie format on ABC then disappeared. Casting began in earnest last year, and now things are nearly done with a teaser poster to boot.

Iconic pose

Key art has been released for ABC’s TV movie remake of “Dirty Dancing”, with a film poster depicting the lead stars Abigail Breslin from “Scream Queens” and her partner, newcomer Colt Prattes. As shown, they’re elegantly posed in one of the positions for the money-shot dance number in the original as done by Grey and the late Swayze, the intimate embrace from behind (that was allegedly ticklish). The plot, if one needs refreshing or has never seen the old one, involves rich girl Frances Houseman (Breslin) who spends summer at a resort learning how to dance from instructor Johnny Castle (Prattes), and the idyllic romance that forms between them.

Performers’ cast

The “Dirty Dancing” TV film is directed by Wayne Blair and features songs from the 1987 feature added to a new musical soundtrack, with dance choreography handled by Andy Blankenbuehler, who did work in the recent Broadway juggernaut “Hamilton”.

Aside from Breslin and Prattes, also starring are Bruce Greenwood, Debra Messing, Nicole Scherzinger, Billy Dee Williams and Katy Sagal.

Produced by Lionsgate Television and Allison Shearmur Productions with an approximately three-hour running time, “Dirty Dancing” will premiere Wednesday May 24 on ABC. For those who remember the old one or at least the catchy tunes, and those who would enjoy a love story partly told in modern dance, better mark your calendars and pump yourself up to have the “Time of Your Life” with this one.