As “Teen Mom 2” fans know, trying to keep up with Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's relationship is enough to make anyone’s head hurt. Kailyn, however, recently hinted to fans that there is a chance she and Javi could get back together.

Could Kailyn and Javi get back together?

During the new episode of “Teen Mom 2” which aired on Monday night, Kailyn hinted that the couple may be able to get back together. Naturally, most fans of this MTV series were caught a little off guard by this hint as the two have been very ugly towards each other on social media as of late.

In fact, In Touch Weekly confirms the two have had regular – and nasty – public arguments since they announced they were getting a divorce in May of last year.

Kailyn is jealous of Javi’s current love life

Kailyn Lowry admitted to being unhappy with learning Javi had kissed another woman while she was spending time together – even though the two were separated at the time. Considering the fact that most “Teen Mom 2” fans assume Kailyn cheated on Javi while he was deployed, most don’t feel bad for Kailyn’s current situation.

Kailyn teased fans with the possibility of rekindling the relationship

During the episode, Kailyn teased and dropped hints that her and Javi could always get back together after she came back from her trip to Hawaii with a clear head and a new perspective.

Both accused the other of cheating

Javi – who is the father of Lowry’s three-year-old song Lincoln – admitted that Kailyn cried after seeing him when she returned home from her trip. Kailyn denies Javi’s claim. Both Marroquin and Lowry accused the other of cheating during their relationship. Lowry, however, admits it was her ex-husband’s controlling nature and extremely jealousy that caused their marriage to fail.

Kailyn claimed Marroquin would force her to unlock her phone and call her constantly when she wasn’t home. The “Teen Mom 2” star also claimed she had never been unfaithful towards her ex-husband or given him any reason to have such distrust in her. The reality TV personality had no idea why her husband was convinced she was cheating on him.

Just last week the “Teen Mom 2” couple got in a pretty nasty argument on Twitter regarding why their marriage ended. Javi slammed Kailyn after learning she wanted more children because he was under the impression their marriage ended because he wanted more children and she didn’t. Kailyn slammed her ex-husband back pointing out the fact that he blamed her for miscarrying and that their marriage was “toxic.”

Chances are pretty good the drama between Kailyn Lowry, and Javi Marroquin is far from over.