This talented actor has been seen all over with his roles in films like "Rat Race," "Watchmen," "Tomorrowland," and TV Shows like "Insomnia,” "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" and "Continuum." Now Manoj Sood is officially part of the "Supernatural Family" of actors. After growing up near the Bow River in Calgary, Canada, he loves fly fishing and staring up at the night sky with his telescope.

Talks about the 'Supernatural' crew

CB: You play a doctor in the upcoming episode of "Supernatural" called 'Ladies Drink Free." My readers would just love to hear all about your experience on the set.

MJ: I had auditioned a couple of times for "Supernatural" in the past so I was pleased to be booked on this episode. When you walk on set you can tell that they have been doing this show for a long time. The entire crew is smooth and efficient; a well-oiled machine as they say.

Spent time in Moscow

CB: You play Mukesh in the TV series "Insomnia." What can you share about being on that show?

MS: We filmed it in Moscow which was an experience in itself. Not only is the subject matter intense but filming in a very different country like Moscow is a unique experience. We had actors and crew from all over the world. I can’t say much about the show at this point but it is an intense international "styled" drama showing the vastness between today's' wealthy and poor.

CB: Your filmography is amazing. How did you end up in show biz?

MS: I didn’t start acting until I was about 30. I took lessons and quickly found an agent. I was thrilled when I landed the first acting job I auditioned for. But the reality set in when I went for five more auditions without booking anything. Since then its been pretty good for the most part.

What is great about this business is how things can change so quickly overnight.

Manoj is an avid fisherman

CB: I read that you’re an avid fly fisherman. Did you fall in love with the sport while living in Canada?

MS: Yes, I grew up in Calgary and my family lived very close to the Bow River which is one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world.

When I was a little boy, I would take my dog for walks along the river and watch the people fish for trout. I became quite interested so I took up the sport. It took me months to catch my first fish but from that point on it became my favorite pastime.