Remember 800-lb Steven Assanti who was kicked out of a Rhode Island hospital for ordering pizza? Remember his bizarre "FatBoyGetDown" YouTube rants and dance videos? Did you ever wonder what happened to that angry, bullying young man? He's still eating pizza and now he and his brother Justin Assanti weigh 1,400 pounds between them. Steven is seeking weight-loss on "My 600-lb Life." Dr. Younan Nowzaradan says Assanti may be his most difficult case of obesity. Will Steven's attitude get him booted off "My 600-lb Life" too?

Why bariatric hospital rejected Steven Assanti

At 800 pounds, Assanti was admitted to several different bariatric surgery programs and TLC's "My 600-lb Life" shows what an obnoxious, abusive patient he was. Steven also refused to participate in his own treatment. In order to get gastric bypass surgery, the 33-year-old had to lose weight on his own. He had to drop 228 pounds to get down to 550 pounds. Steven was kicked out for breaking the diet and had to live in the back of his father's van. Dad Steven Veilette went begging for someone to save his son, but dad also enabled his son.

'FatBoyGetDown' viral spiral

The reality television star somehow managed to get out on his own and spiraled out of control.

He posted horrifying, crazy rants on his "FatBoyGetDown" channel. Assanti appeared on Dr. Phil and MacGraw called him a "con artist." Finally the obese young man sought help from "My 600-lb Life" and his out-of-control behavior and pathological bullying was clear. Steven claimed to be ready to change but immediately began demanding pain meds.

Dr. Nowzaradan wasn't sure if Steven really needed them or if was part of his controlling nature. Justin Assanti calls Steven a bully who gets his way by throwing temper tantrums.

Steven Assanti ejected from 'My 600-lb Life'

Steven was so rude and nasty to staff that Dr. Now removed him from the program. The reality TV star begged to stay but the bariatric surgeon refused.

TLC put Steven up in an apartment with a caregiver. As soon as dad moved him in, his son immediately made him order pizza. After a fight, his father refused to care for him anymore. Assanti downed a 100-ct bottle of Vicodin and his physician is now as concerned about prescription drug abuse as he is about obesity. Through all that, the quixotic patient managed to lose over 150 pounds. Dr. Now will still do surgery if Steven gets clean. However, that is one big, fat if.