“General Hospital” spoilers tease that Tuesday's episode will have plenty of drama incorporated that fans won't want to miss. Elizabeth is in a precarious situation at the moment with Tom's brother Seth and Franco is quite worried about her. Teasers also detail that Sam will be anxious to find Jason and a couple of other intense interactions elsewhere in Port Charles are on the way.

Franco is determined to find Elizabeth

According to SheKnows Soaps, Franco will head off to find Seth and Elizabeth and there is an intense confrontation ahead. Viewers saw the photo album filled with pictures of Liz and Alexis at Tom and Seth's place, and the buzz is that it will all come together now to reveal that Seth killed Tom.

What was his motive? There are plenty of theories floating around about that and fans should have solid answers soon.

Alexis went to the police and confessed, but Diane rushed in and is trying to take control of the situation. Alexis has come to the conclusion that she killed Tom, and finding out that she was wrong may well provide the catalyst she needs to commit to her sobriety and change the path she's been following for the past few months.

The next episode brings Sonny and Ava together as he pushes her for some answers and “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that she'll be squirming a bit in this situation. It seems likely that the topic of conversation will be Morgan and Ava certainly has some secrets related to Morgan that she's anxious to keep hidden.

What's the real deal with Valentin?

Anna is determined to piece together everything regarding her connection to Valentin and he will be faced with some questions from Nina about these secrets from his past. Teasers also note that Lulu and Laura will track down Anna to ask her some questions about Valentin and Soap Central reveals that in the shows ahead, Lulu will be doing her best to get along with him for Charlotte's sake.

Jason recently fell ill and Sam only learned that he was at General Hospital when she rescued Franco and headed to GH to help sort through what had happened. Sam will quickly track Jason down and ask why he hadn't let her know what happened and it looks like these two have an emotional conversation ahead.

As the week continues, Sonny and Jason will have a confrontation and a falling out while Bobbie needs help and Julian is enticed into doing something that could shake things up.

There's more with Nelle and Michael on the way and some action tied to Jordan later in the week as well. “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that things are going to be wild in the shows ahead and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.