If you are over age 50, you will remember the glory years of daytime television. Between the three broadcast networks, there were 10 or 12 daytime drama's, on the air at one time. Today there are only four soap opera's left. They are NBC's "Days of our Lives," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "The Young and the Restless," on CBS, and ABC's "General Hospital." Fans of GH, are anxiously waiting to find out the fate of Port Charles resident and soap diva, Tracy Quartermaine.

Since 2016, rumors have abounded that veteran actress Jane Elliot, who portrays Ms.

Quartermaine will retire. The 69-year-old Elliot, has maintained the role of the feisty Quartermaine heir, off and on since 1978. During one Hiatus, she portrayed Angelica Deveraux, on Days of Our Lives. Wally Kurth, who plays her son Ned Ashton on GH, portrayed her lover, Justin Kiriakis on GH.

Few and far between

Older actors, who have remained on the screen for decades, are few and far between. Jane Elliot continues to be on contract at GH. Her co-star and on-screen sister in law Monica, (Leslie Charleston) is also a daytime vet. She, however, is on recurring status.

"General Hospital" is to be commended, for keeping Tracy Quartermaine front and center. Unlike some shows, that relegate older actors to a lesser status.

Tracy continues to wheel and deal, scheme and scam, and hold her own with younger. Co-Stars on the show. Should Ms. Elliot decide to retire, she will truly be missed. And it will be interesting to see how she is written off the show. Fans do not want a sad ending where Ms. Quartermaine passes away.

One suggestion that is floating around is having Tracy reunite with her former "General Hospital" spouse Luke Spencer.

He was portrayed by Anthony Geary, who a few years ago, retired from the show. Tony Geary should come out of retirement just long enough, so Luke can sweep his wife off her feet. And they can go off into the land of espionage together. That would be fitting for them both. And bring a happy ending, and closure to the fans.