Hey, "Supernatural" peeps. We've got some new, official spoiler dish for you guys, straight from The CW. These are for the upcoming episode 17 of the current season 12. We got two storyline spoiler scoops out of this press release. They sound pretty interesting as we'll be seeing Dean and Sam come up with a new lead on Kelly Kline's location at some point. Elsewhere, we'll be seeing guest character, Mick, show up to join in on the hunt.

It's "The British Invasion"

They let us know what the title is, too, telling us that it's called: "The British Invasion." In their official plot summary, they started things off with: "The Winchesters Find Kelly Kline" in all-caps, so I guess we should definitely expect for that to happen.

From there, they went on to elaborate on that same storyline, telling as that, at some point, we'll be seeing the two brothers finally get a lead on Kelly's whereabouts. So, with this new lead intel, it sounds like it'll be enough to track her down.

They didn't specifically say that, but we're guessing it's implied. They're all-cap headliner definitely does say that they do find her. So, I guess the questions with this storyline, is: what are they going to do when they find this Kelly chick? Will she cooperate with them? It should be pretty interesting to see how all this plays out. Kelly Kline is being portrayed by guest star, Courtney Ford.

Mick joins the hunt

Next, we've got this second and last scoop.

In it, they let us know that we'll be seeing another guest character that goes by the name, Mick (played by Adam Fergus), show up on the scene at some point. He's going to make a surprise visit to the bunker, and eventually decide that he wants to be apart of the big hunt. Will he get to actually join? Or will he get told to take a hike?

That will be a couple of interesting questions for that scenario. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some extra details on this when CW delivers the new promo clip, tonight, after episode 16 wraps up. It will definitely deliver some extra intel, so you'll want to keep an eye out for it.

We've also got some production credits for this thing.

John Showalter directed the episode, and they brought on the writing team of: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner to pen the script. The press release also confirmed that we'll be seeing episode 17 hit the airwaves next Thursday night, April 6th, 2017. Stay tuned.