Geri Horner is reportedly interested in the reunion of the famous British pop quintet but only if all the requirements are met, i.e. if all the ex-members are in. As the initiator of the reunion, Horner categorically demands the involvement of the others.

She had plans to form the GEM band, with Emma Bunton and Mel C last summer, but had to delay it due to pregnancy. Her bandmates Emma Bunton and Mel C confirmed their participation, but Horner claims the reunion is pointless without Victoria Beckham and Mel B. While Beckham expresses no hopes for the reunion, Mel B is not that pessimistic.

The last summer reunion idea rejected

The source claims Horner was interested into forming Spice Girls quartet last summer after Beckham refused to take part. However, after Mel B gave up as well, Horner seems to be less interested in the reunion idea. The source also states that she enjoys partaking in the group, but she doesn't see the future of the band if all the members don't share the enthusiasm.

Beckham's preoccupation with private life

Since she left the band, Victoria has been designing her clothing line. She is also quite famous as the wife of the famous football player David Beckham. While taking part in NBC's 'Today' show, she complained that raising her children leaves her no free time.

Referring to Spice Girls, she said that their last performance at the 2012 London Olympics was matchless. In addition to that, she expressed no hope for the repetition of the performance. Hence, it is quite obvious that Beckham doesn't share Horner's enthusiasm at all.

The attitude of Mel B seems to be quite positive

Although she didn't confirm her participation in the reunion, Mel B showed her support while performing Spice Girls' massive hit 'Wannabe' in London.

She included the hit into her performance of the musical 'School of Rock.' Furthermore, she tried to assure the audience of the Australian TV she was giving her best to make the reunion possible. The source states she was expressing her sincerest belief in success.

However, Horner's representative recently said she canceled all her GEM tour plans, thus giving up the whole GEM band idea. She started making plans for releasing a solo album. Accordingly, it seems the initiator gave up the whole project after all.