"Flip or Flop" has been pressing on despite the pending divorce of their darling hosts Christina and Tarek El Moussa. Now that their split is official, Christina has moved on to start dating pro hockey player Nate Thompson. Despite rumors that he has been spending time with the children's nanny, it is also being reported that Tarek is incredibly jealous that Christina has moved on with the high profile Anaheim Ducks player.

Is Christina really dating Nate Thompson?

Christina El Moussa was recently spotted in the stands at an Edmonton Oilers vs.

Anaheim Ducks hockey game, further fueling rumors that she and Nate Thompson are an item. Even after the "Flip or Flop" star sighting, her rep claims that she's not dating the NHL star. Instead, it was reported that she and Thompson are "just friends."

Earlier this month, Christina and Nate were spotted together at the Lady Ducks fashion show. The event was a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Orange County. They also were together in January at the Ducks in Tux charity event. That's a whole lot of time spent together and too many joint public appearances for "just friends" but that's what everyone wants to claim right now.

Did Christina deny new relationship to keep 'Flip or Flop' on air?

There has to be a perfectly good explanation for why Christina El Moussa keeps hanging out with Anaheim Ducks star Nate Thompson while maintaining that they are not dating. The likely explanation would be that she really wants to keep her hit real estate show "Flip or Flop" on air and moving on with another man could hurt her brand.

There's also the issue of Tarek El Moussa and the former couple's two children to consider. Right now, Christina reports that her relationship with Tarek is good and that they are co-parenting their children together without any major issues.

Despite Tarek's hand in the downfall of their marriage, he is rumored to be very jealous of any man that Christina decides to spend time with.

That includes Christina's rumored fling with contractor Gary Anderson. Tarek El Moussa was reportedly furious to learn about Christina and Gary because he knew the man and felt like the contractor took his woman and stabbed him in the back.

As for Nate Thompson, it was reported that Tarek El Moussa's jealousy was for a different reason. He reportedly didn't like Christina dating the NHL star because the "Flip or Flop" star didn't know him, which is the exact opposite reason he was supposedly mad about Gary.

Do you think Tarek El Moussa is really jealous of Christina El Moussa's dating life and the men she is rumored to be spending time with? Tell us what you think of the latest "Flip or Flop" drama in the comments section below.