Ryan Murphy's new series "Feud: Bette and Jane" premiers tonight. The creator is known for his talent of bringing a twisted tale to life and he has selected a classic to base the freshman season of this new series on.

The season will be made up of eight episodes that focus on the story behind the scenes while "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" was being filmed. The actresses in the movie were Joan Crawford, portrayed by Jessica Lange, and Bette Davis, portrayed by Susan Sarandon. The two had a terrible relationship behind the scenes that was only fueled by those around them in an attempt to bring out more animosity between the two in front of the camera.

Ryan Murphy will go into this and bring the story to life for fans as only he can!

Familiar faces from 'American Horror Story'

Jessica Lange won't be the only "American Horror Story" family member to come to the set of "Feud: Bette and Joan." Sarah Paulson will be in a recurring role as Geraldine Page, an Academy Award-winning actress, as will Kathy Bates in the role of Joan Blondell. Additionally, Ryan Murphy's showrunner from "AHS," Tim Minear will be the showrunner for the new series.

Ryan Murphy is a big Bette Davis fan

This particular series is one that is special to Ryan Murphy. He actually had the opportunity to get a 20 minute interview with Bette Davis before her death. There was such a connection between the two that they ended up talking for four hours.

He has wanted to do this story ever since. In bringing the first season to the screen, we have to acknowledge Ryan's inclusion of women. There will be a total of 15 roles for women over 40 years old. When it comes to production, half of the episodes will have female producers. Ryan Murphy's newest creation will change each season just as "AHS" does.

FX has already renewed for a season 2 that will be based on the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Fans will get an extra two episodes in the second season that will air in 2018.

Tune in to FX at 9PM Central time to check out the new show!