President Donald Trump seems to be causing a few performance artists to develop Eating Disorders. First, Lena Dunham, the purveyor of HBO’s “Girls” and purple prose laden essays, complained that the president had put her off her food and made her lose weight. Now Barbara Streisand is saying that Trump is making her fat. The venerable actress and singer is indulging in pancakes covered with maple syrup as a form of comfort eating to stave off the horror of the Great Trump Terror.

Unlike Dunham, Streisand has talent as well as almost two generations of entertaining people on the big screen and the concert stage.

Her binging on fattening food for breakfast is a matter of some concern. Streisand is 74 and thus not at the right age to be scarfing up lots of fat and sugar.

Like most of her profession, Streisand has always been a person of the Left. She won a place on President Richard Nixon’s enemies list, one of the few celebrities to gain that particular honor. Streisand participated in the Women’s March, though it is unknown whether or not she wore a vagina hat. She recently penned an essay for the Huffington Post explaining why Trump is unsuitable for the office of the presidency.

But unlike Dunham, Streisand usually gets a pass when she offers leftist opinions. How, after all, can one hate a woman who starred in “Funny Girl” and “Yentl” and has sung familiar standards without number?

Then too Streisand came to prominence when it was still acceptable for a performing artist to have curves here and there. She has not been known to starve herself as have younger actresses and singers to try to achieve an almost impossible body image.

Still, one can only wish Streisand well even as she works through the trauma of the most recent election.

No one should measure their happiness solely on who happens to occupy the Oval Office. Those of us who endured the Obama misrule have certainly had to take that lesson to heart. Babs should take the same view and, by all means, sing. Nothing is a balm for the blues like a good song.