Charlotte McKinney is giving hope to teenage boys everywhere. The "Baywatch" star surprised one teen boy at his High School prom. The beautiful blonde model may look intimidating, but it seems like she's down to earth and nice to her fans. Charlotte made one fans' day when she showed up to a high school boy's prom as his date. She even danced the night away with the lucky California boy. This comes after the model revealed that she dropped out of high school to pursuing her modeling career.

Blonde bombshell attends boy's prom

The 23-year-old surprised 16-year-old Samuel Castro and his original date at the prom in Bloomington, California.

Charlotte McKinney went all out for the event as she dressed up and wore a matching royal blue dress to coordinate with his outfit and even brought him a boutonniere.

She took to Instagram to post a clip from prom night, where she's seen dancing away with the teenage boy and his classmates. Charlotte McKinney was given the opportunity to volunteer for an organization called Best Buddies International, which works to create opportunities for people with intellectual and medical disabilities, according to the Daily News.

Castro was shocked by Charlotte McKinney's appearance. He already had a prom date lined up, but was pleased to see his celebrity crush.

The pair were dressed up in "Beauty and the Beast" costumes, but reports say the trio had a fun night dancing together.

Charlotte McKinney is a high school dropout

Charlotte McKinney may be Hollywood's new model and "it" girl, but that wasn't always the case. The bikini model recently revealed that she was bullied so bad that she had dropped out at the age of 17.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she revealed that the girls would call her names and invite her to parties where she would get beer thrown at her.

She admits that her high school years were awkward. She grew breasts at a young age and didn't know how to feel in her body. Charlotte McKinney also suffered from dyslexia which put her behind her classmates – and led to her decision to drop out of school.

Now Charlotte McKinney's life is smooth sailing thanks to her acting and modeling career. Her next goal is to land the cover of "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition.