"Days Of Our Lives" fans have waited for so long to find out which man has won Adrienne's heart. With her health issues, everything else went to the back burner. Now that she is moving on with a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, she is ready to start her life with... Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. Spoilers will follow!

Adrienne says goodbye to her ex and chooses Lucas! Now will the two plan the wedding that never happened once again?

Tripp investigates his mother's death

Steve and Tripp take a paternity test to see if Steve is the long lost poppa.

In the meantime, Steve and Kayla are worried that Joey will tell what happened to Ava. As Tripp continues his own investigation, Steve takes responsibility for her death!

Brady confesses to Marlene that he loves Nicole. He returns to Canada and shares his feelings with a shocked Nicole. The two open a store together as they attempt to settle in but Nicole is worried about what the neighbors have figured out.

Everyone wants a piece of Deimos! Victor tries talking to him. Chad wants to make a strike at him. Ed is in line for his turn to strike too. Deimos can't stand Brady being at Nicole's side. Several speak up on what is going on with Deimos lately.

Abe tries to intervene and talks to Eli on Val's behalf.

Abigail wants some answers

There are lots of questions for Chad from Abigail about the attack on Deimos. The Hernandez brother and sister team continue to cause chaos for the couple with their relationship on the rocks as Dario professes his love for Abigail and Andre wants to keep Gabi away from Chad. Abigail and Dario continue to grow closer as Chad and Gabi continue to fight their attraction.

So Kate saw that kiss between Chloe and Eduardo? You know she isn't taking that well! Kate has a history of going for the competition. We will have to wait and see what she does to teach them a lesson.

Jennifer and Eric prepare for a much anticipated date. But, alas, love may not be meant to be. Nothing goes right for the two. Still a chance for a future?