"Dancing With The Stars" 2017 continued March 27 on ABC with a second week of action from the ballroom. Here's how it all went down.

'Dancing with the Stars' week 2 awards

Most likely to be seen crying during her intro package: Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy and Artem were again saddled with performing near the top of the show and she cried during her pre-dance segment. Not good things. Her cha cha was, as Len noted, "really nice," but it may not be enough to keep them around for long. 28

Most likely to use gimmicks: Erika Jayne. The "RHOBH" starlet's "sextrot" with Gleb was fine, but they need to cool it with the gimmicks and just dance.

Last week it was a unicorn; this week, a sports car. What's next? 28

Most likely to be hauled off by security: Charo. The saucy senior continued her bizarre war of words with Bruno even after he called her "a tornado in red taffeta" --which was, ostensibly, a compliment-- following her paso doble with Keo. Security stood by as she received her scores and made like she would rush the judges' table. 21

Most likely to be told to dumb it down next week: Nick Viall. It's not uncommon for "Dancing with the Stars" duos to be told to do more, but not Nick and Peta. After their content-rich foxtrot --which Len termed "madness on the floor"-- the cranky Briton told them to simplify things next week. D'oh.


Most likely to kick butt with a stand-in partner: Heather Morris. After Maks injured his calf during rehearsals last week, the "Glee" star was forced to hoof it alongside "DWTS" trouper Alan Bersten. And she killed it. Len may not have liked the hiphop break-down in the middle, but this chica was en fuego. 30

Most likely to deny what looks like a budding romance: Bonner Bolton and Sharna.

Julianne voiced what everyone and everyone's moms were already thinking when she subtly said she felt like she was "watching something unfolding" between the stunningly gorgeous duo after their Viennese waltz. Uh, yeah. They can deny it, but the heat they generate could probably start a fire. 29

Most likely to be underscored: Simone Biles.

So Simone's solo bit at the beginning of her dance was somewhere between 'a bit uncomfortable' and 'wow I wish they'd skipped that,' but when she put the cha in the actual cha cha with Sasha, she was amazing. 29

Most likely to bring his partner to tears: Chris Kattan. Marilyn Monroe and Cecil B. Demented entertained, per Bruno, but they also provided one of the night's biggest tearjerker moments as Wit broke down after Chris shared shocking x-rays of his neck. 22 (Eliminated)

Most likely to use jetlag as a crutch: Normani Kordei. Jetlag sucks, and it's a big deal that Normani and Val were in Japan all week for Fifth Harmony's tour. But it didn't wind up hurting their high-octane cha cha. Len, who was especially cranky throughout the evening, called it "terrific." That's some seriously high praise.


Most likely to make us swoon: Rashad Jennings. We melted a little when the big, gorgeous-especially-when-shirtless NFL star reflected that it's okay to hurt and be vulnerable after a relationship ends because it means it was real. Double swoon. Then he and Emma went on to deliver a Viennese waltz that was both "so hot" (per Julianne) and demonstrative of their safe and secure partnership (per Carrie Ann). 32

Most likely to make us want to root for him: Mr. T. We've learned two things about the TV star: 1) he's a huge teddy bear, and 2) he has an amazing work ethic. Is he a natural dancer? No. But do we want to see him succeed? Absolutely. His paso doble with Kym wasn't leaderboard topping fare, but it was fun.


Most likely to appear on a future episode of MTV's "I love the '90s": David Ross. MC Gramps took viewers to a commercial break with his cover of "Bust a Move," and then busted a few of his own Hammer pants-enhanced moves with Lindsay later on. The judges weren't quite sure what to make of it, but Len assured him that he's past second base and headed toward third. 27

Eliminated: Chris