Controversial “Dance Moms” head coach Abby Lee Miller quit on Sunday from the reality show that made her famous. But she did not resign to serve her Jail Sentence yet for fraud. She posted on Instagram a rant about being treated poorly by the producers of the show on Lifetime TV.

Men who never took dance lessons

Miller wrote on Instagram that she does not have a problem working with kids because she loves children. The 50-year-old “Dance Moms” host added that as a dance instructor and choreographer of the Pittsburgh-based Abby Lee Dance Company, she had dedicated her life to making the children of other people successful.

Among the products of “Dance Moms,” which ran for seven seasons since 2001, is Maddie Ziegler whose career zoomed when she was included in the “Chandelier” music video of Australian singer Sia as a dancer. However, in a new book titled “The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir,” the young dancer, who left the show after Season 6, credited only Sia for her career growth, although she thanked ALDC and Lifetime.

The dance coach, who wrote, “I will no longer take part in ‘Dance Moms,’” complained that she had begged the male producers of the reality show for the past six or seven years for creative credit on all the ideas, themes, costumes and award-winning routines she created but nothing happened to her requests.

Miller accused the producers, who never took a dance lesson in their lives, of manipulating, disrespecting and using her, as well as treating women like dirt, New York Daily News reported.

Delay in sentencing

Abby Lee Miller is actually on her way out of the reality show because a Pittsburg court had found her guilty of 20 counts of fraud for hiding $755,000 income and assets in her Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

She also had another conviction for bringing to the U.S. undeclared $120,000 Australian dollars after a promo trip down under.

Miller’s sentencing was initially scheduled on January 20, but the date was moved to February. On February 22, two days before the formal sentencing to two and a half years prison time, Judge Joy Flowers Conti canceled the hearing on February 24 and rescheduled the sentencing of the “Dance Mom’s” host to another date which was unspecified, Deadline reported.

While she may have secured an 11th-hour reprieve from going to prison, quitting from “Dance Moms” just advanced her leaving the reality show as Miller prepares to spend time behind bars. For the last seven years, she instead taught young dancers, among others, the proper way to hold on to the bars at ALDC’s dance studio.