Saban’s "power rangers” is determined to grab attention at the box office. It wants to get noticed because it is catering to two groups namely, the younger and the older generations. The New York Times reports that it satisfies the needs of both the groups and, simultaneously, ensures that the box office remains awake. That is a difficult task to achieve.

How 'Beauty and the Beast' is faring

Beauty and the Beastis a film that is expected to rule the roost for a while and, the expectations are fulfilled. Its box-office collection was $88 million at North American theaters and, the total for domestic earnings in the two week period in the United States works out to be in the region of $317 million.

When it comes to the worldwide collection, this Disney musical has reached nearly $690 million worldwide. This data has been revealed by comScore, which compiles box office data. Obviously, it is way ahead of others and, can continue to hold on to its position unless something drastic happens.

The 'Power Rangers' game

“Power Rangers” wants to throw a challenge to others in the movie world of today. Its box office collection is believed to be around $40.5 million – this is apparently more than what the analysts expected before the release of the film. Apparently, they have been taken by surprise. At least $100 million was spent to make the movie and, another equal amount to market it. Its legacy goes back to the 1990s when it was a top TV program which, in turn, led to the evolution of “Power Ranger” toys and games that took the fancy of the young audience.

The initial reviews of the movie were not encouraging and, that was a matter of worry because five sequels had been planned. However, the verdict of the audience was different – that was evident from the ticket sales.

As David Spitz, Lionsgate’s president of domestic distribution commented – the reaction of the public is what matters.

The result of exit polls showed that the “Power Rangers” has caught the imagination of the viewers. Under 18 crowd gave it an A-plus and, the rest gave it an A. The cast is a combination of Asian, black and Hispanic actors and, that could have been a factor responsible for the outcome.