"Dance Moms" fans thought that they have seen that last of chloe lukasiak and her mom, Christi Lukasiak, after the duo left in season 4. But the "Center Stage: On Pointe" star shocked everyone, including her former teammates, when she returned in the Lifetime show's season 7 finale.

Spoilers to follow

A "Dance Moms" season 8 spoiler clip revealed that Chloe Lukasiak will not be reuniting with the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team members, but compete against them instead. To make things even more dramatic, the fan-favorite didn't just join any other dance studios, but she chose her former team's biggest rival, the MDP (Murrieta Dance Project).

The "Dance Moms" season 8 spoiler clip shows Chloe Lukasiak dancing with the rest of the MDP team. Unfortunately for the ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team, it seems that their former teammate brought luck to her new studio as they nabbed first place in their very first competition with Chloe. Even with two new choreographers, Abby Lee Miller's team only got 4th place.

Lifetime show's spoiler clip reveals Chloe's new team

With the negative vibe of Abby Lee Miller's jail time, many initially thought that her fraud case would lead to "Dance Moms" cancellation. But just when the Lifetime show's hype was about to fade, Chloe Lukasiak's eagerness to re-join the reality television series boosted its ratings once again.

Although Chloe Lukasiak revealed that she missed competing and that is why she returned to the show, it seems like being a part Abby Lee Miller's team again was not a part of her comeback. The previous drama was probably too much for the teen, and she's trying to stay away from it as much as she can.

Maddie Ziegler is totally over 'Dance Moms'

Meanwhile, another original member of the ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team, Maddie Ziegler, showed no intention of going back to the show at all. The 14-year-old dancer, actress, and model noted that being in "Dance Moms" was stressful for her and that being Abby Lee Miller's star dancer gave her too much pressure to win all the time.