After four episodes of “Iron Fist,” the writers decided to stop making audiences wait to unite the Netflix properties and bring in Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), the only character to know all of Marvel’s Netflix heroes. She’s not the only connection in “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus” though.

Spoiler warning

This is your only warning: If you aren’t caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and especially with “Iron Fist,” there will be spoilers within the Easter eggs below.

'It’s all connected.'

It seems like any Marvel television series must have someone utter this phrase at least once as they start to put the pieces of a mystery together.

This phrase holds a larger place in Marvel TV though as it’s a favorite of Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb. Loeb frequently uses the saying, “It’s all connected” in interviews and fan convention appearances when asked about Easter eggs or common threads between Marvel properties. Marvel prides itself on its stories all existing within the same world.

Claire Temple finally makes her appearance

It’s no surprise to see Rosario Dawson appear as Claire Temple, but her addition to “Iron Fist” is a welcome one. Just when any of the Netflix shows begin to get particularly dark, Claire is there with a little sarcasm and wit to lighten things up. Her character is the through the line for all of the series as she debuted in “Daredevil” as a nurse, helped with Luke’s injuries in “Jessica Jones,” then moved back home to Harlem in “Luke Cage,” where she plucked a flyer for Colleen’s class off a telephone pole.

Now, she’s met up with “Iron Fist” to get in on the action, and she’ll also be back in “Defenders” later this year.


Davos is the real name of the comic book character who goes by the name of the Steel Serpent. In the comics, he isn’t just someone Danny trains within K'un-Lun; he’s the son of the man who teaches Danny. His symbol for the Steel Serpent is the same one Danny wears on his chest for the Iron Fist - just without the dragon’s wings.

If that sounds familiar, it should. We were reminded that it appears on the heroin packets in the previous episode.

Davos became an enemy of the Iron Fist in the comics after failing to gain the power himself. He also allied himself with Danny Rand’s enemies in the comics - Joy and Ward Meachum - though the relationship between those two and Danny is a little different on the show. It will be interesting to see just where the series takes his character.

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