Marvel Studios announces that it will soon release several superhero movies. Some big projects of this studio include “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Thor: Ragnarok,” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” With the release of “Civil War,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its dominance of the movie landscape. So, we have high expectations for its upcoming projects.

‘Noroman Osborn’

Osborn is a famous and one of the most successful comic characters. The studio announces that fans will see a Norman Osborn in “Spider-Man” series.

It will also be a part of “Avengers” comics in the coming months. Norman Osborn is a popular fictional character appearing in American Comic Books. For the first time, writer Stan Lee created this character. It appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and is very popular. Noroman is an amoral industrialist with great physical powers. With time, he adopts a Halloween-themed appearance and wears a goblin costume. He uses several high-tech weapons, notably a grenade and a sharp knife.

‘Kamala Kahn’

Kamala Khan is a famous fictional superheroine, appearing in dozens of American comic books published by Marvel Comics. This character has not been around for some time, and fans miss it in Marvel superheroes.

The good news is that we will soon see Kamala in upcoming MCU movies. Considering the widespread popularity of Kamala Kahn, Marvel looks for a way to capitalize on the character’s large appeal. The studio announces that Kamala Kahn will appear in a “Captain Marvel” movie.

‘Jessica Drew’

Jessica is a famous comic character of the era.

The studio announces that fans will soon see Spider-Woman in another “Avengers.” However, it does not confirm if she will appear as a super-powered Black Widow or in another character. Jessica Drew is one of the most popular comic superheroes of all time. She appeared in numerous American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The character is famous since its first appearance in “Marvel Spotlight.” Jessica is mostly famous for her friendship with Captain Marvel, and the two heroes spend quality time together. We have high expectations for MCU movies with Drew playing the leading role.