Marvel Entertainment, Disney, and AMC Studios announce several TV Shows this year. The idea of animated series is not new, but the sheer volume is just staggering at times. Some programs are packed with the fabulous script, amazing stars, and marvelous scenes, while the others remain unnoticed.

For a few years, “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Gotham,” and “The Walking Dead” are transforming the televisual entertainment. “The Inhumans,” “Defenders Season 1,” and “Preacher Season 2” now join the race. It’s an ideal time to be a comic book fan because the year has some exciting TV shows in store.

If you are tactical about your viewing habits, we approach a state where you could fill your soap operas’ hole. Here we share a list of upcoming comic book TV shows.

‘The Inhumans’

Marvel Entertainment and Disney confirm that it will premiere the new ABC series “The Inhumans.” Under an agreement, a version of the first two episodes will run worldwide exclusively in IMAX this September. ABC announces that it will premiere the weekly series in winter. “The Inhumans” is a race of powerful humans and weird creatures. Marvel Universe says the show features Anson Mount as Black Bolt and Iwan Rheon as Maximus.

‘Preacher Season 2’

Sony Pictures Television and AMC Studios announce a joint project “Preacher Season 2.” The producers of the series are Goldberg Rogen and James Weaver.

Its story is inspired by a DC Vertigo comic book. “Preacher Season 2” is about Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and his wife Tulip (Ruth Negga). Both of them travel to a distant city. They find an Irish vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) on their way and face a lot of problems. Season 1 gained popularity in no time. Fans are excited to know if “Preacher Season 2” is better than the first season or not.

Filming on this season is underway now, and Dominic Cooper daily posts new snaps on Twitter to create excitement.

‘Defenders Season 1’

Defenders Season 1” is one of the most anticipated comic book shows of the year. Marvel confirms that it will release another trailer for the show in a few weeks. Its first trailer had a boat load of information, creating excitement among fans. Marvel confirms a release date of May 12. The show features Charlie Cox, Mike Colter, Krysten Ritter, Finn Jones, and Rosario Dawson.