Last week, on Comedy Central, Amy Schumer presented a brand new standup special, "Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple." Feinstein is becoming one of the larger voices in comedy and at the start of the show Schumer had high praise for her, claiming she is not only her best friend but also her all-time favorite comedian. Schumer has skyrocketed to fame in recent years and is known for her brash, unapologetic and candid jokes about her personal sex life and observations about sexual relations in the modern day we live in. Feinstein's material is also cutting edge in that sense, and it should come to no shock that she also has a routine heavy on sex jokes and isn't afraid to make them personal in a way that many fans can relate to them.

Feinstein also isn't afraid to drag her parents and family into her routine, either. The hour-long special was recorded at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater in New York City. Like the recent Daniel Tosh routine on Comedy Central, much of Feinstein's routine is unfit to recap because of language and content.

Rachel sends a dirty pic to the wrong guy

Feinstein explains right away just how supportive she and Schumer are of each other. When Rachel sent a dirty photo to the wrong man, because of a first name mix up in her phone, Schumer volunteered to also send a dirty photo to the same married man. Of course there were restrictions, Schumer's pic couldn't be sexier than Feinstein's photo, which she said was "jacked up" and featured her in her last clean pair of underwear, had coins and a receipt by her foot and displayed a random knotted-up USB cord.

Schumer sent a photo of her crotch to the man and her baggy sweatpants had a long mustard stain down the leg. Feinstein said it was one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever done for her.

Judging others on Facebook

Rachel joked that recently she likes to take photos of status updates on Facebook and email them to her other friends to chastise the ridiculous things people share or say on social media.

She said she'll do that then go back to bed, claiming that after judging someone she's done enough for the day. Feinstein expounds that she thinks a lot of people just don't understand Facebook and they must think it's some sort of God that should be told your deepest and darkest secrets. She jokes that Facebook is littered with confusing, personal thoughts of people who wouldn't share these sorts of updates in real life.

The problem Feinstein concludes is that people like the status updates of idiots and it validates them. She says we need another choice, saying we need a "I now think you're unstable," button, which would be a better option than the like button in some cases.

Porn star Jenna Jameson

Feinstein spent a considerable amount of time talking about Jenna Jameson, perhaps the most famous porn actress of our time. She recounted a time when Jenna wanted to come to her show in Buffalo. Jenna wanted to take Rachel to her show that night, which Feinstein found odd, but agreed to the porn star's demands without question. When it turned out Jenna was staying at the same hotel, and was waiting for Rachel in the Lobby, Feinstein said she instantly became "Jenna Jameson's bitch," and began to get dressed for the occasion.

She wondered what Jenna was wearing and said it was probably a dress from the "Dildo store." Later, Feinstein was afraid to announce Jenna was in the crowd for fear of being ignored the rest of the evening. Later, at a bar, Jenna tells Rachel their hotel is haunted and it's mostly ghosts that miss their families. Jenna tells Rachel they can deal with the ghosts together in her room later that night. Rachel saw through the plan and said that if she was ever to hook up with a girl it would not be Jenna Jameson, which would be too terrifying.